We believe that social media, email marketing and targeted online marketing are a fantastic way for companies to have real, ongoing conversations with their customers. We specialize in planning and creating custom campaigns and content that excite and continue that conversation in order to meet business goals.

Our Services


From landing pages to email marketing to social media, Daxia Digital designs campaigns that ensure all aspects of your digital brand are working together to find potential customers, build an audience, and sell products.

Digital strategy: Based on your business goals, we craft digital and social strategies designed to reach your target audiences with messaging, images and content that resonate and extend the brand organically into conversations and communities.

Go-to-market planning: Creating demand for the the first sale and beyond and building a solid foundation to ensure the right audiences are seeing your products in the right space at the right time with the right offer.

Campaign ideation: Significant events call for special treatment. We design creative, executable plans to meet your business goals, with measurable results.

Social media is a fantastic way for companies to have real, ongoing conversations with their customers. Our careful planning & execution ensures maximum results.

Strategy: Based on your business goals, we craft social media strategies designed to reach your target audiences with messaging, images and content that resonate and extend the brand organically into conversations and communities.

Audit and competitive analysis: Our comprehensive review identifies what’s working and areas of opportunity to grow your social media audience. We also compare your social profiles to those of your competitors and form a game plan based on the results.

Content creation and planning: With just the right mix of original, user-generated and 3rd party content, we develop monthly social media calendars, prepare images and schedule posts that engage the community. We can also update your YouTube channel’s current videos in accordance with best practices.

Community management: Part marketing, part customer service and always on brand, we can be your frontline team encouraging discussion and answering questions across social channels.

Strategy: Before beginning an ad campaign, we create a comprehensive ad strategy document. This includes business goals, ad platforms, campaign types and suggested durations, audience identification, budgets and timelines.

Campaign targeting and execution: Each individual paid social campaign starts with clearly defined, precise targeting. From there, we test images and messaging to determine the most cost-effective ads. Ongoing monitoring ensures that budget flows to the best-performing ads, platforms and audiences.

End-to-end support: We handle every aspect of your digital ad campaign, on social media and on Google. We design ad creative, deploy ads, and manage campaigns for the most effective use of your ad budget. When a campaign is over, we report results and show you the campaign’s effectiveness.

From ideation, to list segmentation, to email creation and analytics, our team can do it all.

Organic list building: We make specific recommendations to ensure that your website uses the latest best practices to grow your email marketing list.

List management: Daxia can set up an email marketing platform for you, and manage segmentation and ongoing list health

Drip campaigns: Make sure you’re not missing an opportunity to connect with customers! Set up, manage and improve drip campaigns based on user actions on the website and via email.

Ready to build your own internal team, or ramp up the skills of existing staff? Daxia can help!

Training: Daxia training sessions cover industry best practices and time-saving tips from our experts. Training can also be customized for your specific business.

One-on-one sessions: Just need an hour or two of expert help to solve a specific problem? Drop us a line and we’ll roll up our sleeves. We’re here to help whenever you need us.

Employee guidebooks: Don’t start from scratch with every new hire. Let us create processes and guidebooks for your digital and social marketing, and reduce the time spent to bring new staff members up to speed.

Part marketing, part customer service and always on brand, we can be your frontline team encouraging discussion and answering questions across social channels, email and beyond!

Community engagement: The key to growing any community is staying engaged in a meaningful and on-brand way. We monitor your social platforms for customer messages and for conversations where your brand is a natural fit, driving up key social metrics at every turn.

Customer service: Our team works with you to expertly handle everyone from irate customers to brand enthusiasts. If you don’t have an in-house team, we’ll set up a tracking and reporting system to handle all your social support needs.

FAQ development: We review current FAQs and comparing with what people are actually asking. Then we develop responses and keep them updated as needed for use on your website, online and anywhere else customer interactions happen.


Daxia Digital is RCA’s “go-to” resource for all things social and digital. They are creative, positive, and timely. We count on Daxia for social media marketing programs that work in a complicated business environment with multiple departments and partnerships spread across the globe.


Daxia Digital are true geniuses when it comes to the Internet, social media and how to navigate the system. We have relied on their expertise for many years now and would not consider working with anyone else. We know that Daxia Digital is highly sought out, so we feel very lucky to have them on our own web/internet/social media team.


Daxia Digital are experts at turning ideas into action. They are a great social media partner, working with us at every level for multiple clients, from strategy to execution.

- LIZ HELLER, MEMBRAIN (TOMS Shoes, Jamie Oliver, Hasbro, McDonalds, Logitech)

Working With Us


Step 1: Discussion


Who knows more about your business than you? No one! Our first step is a discussion where we learn what you’re trying to achieve in the short and long term. After all, without goals, how can we measure success? We’ll also discuss possible campaign ideas, appropriate social platforms, and advertising. Finally, we’ll talk about your budget and how much can be accomplished within it.

Step 2: Strategy


Our work process for each client is a little different, depending on your needs. If you already have a social media strategy in place, for example, we’ll work according to that and measure progress in our monthly analytics report. If not, we’ll help you put one in place before we start creating content.

Step 3: Implementation


Once we have goals and a strategy, we can start implementation. We’re happy to work on a per-project basis or be part of your team on a monthly basis. We’re available even on weekends, and reachable via email, phone, skype or text. If you’re local, we’re happy to visit your location for meetings.


We love to partner with other agencies to give our clients access to services like PR.


PARTNER AGENCY: B/HI does more than “entertainment PR.” They craft stories and narratives around content in all its forms; the technology, devices and platforms through which that content is consumed and the games and products it inspires. Daxia is proud to have been their exclusive social media partner since 2014.

PARTNER AGENCY: Texas-based Red Fan Communications redefines PR. They craft stories, make connections and drive results for dynamic B2B tech and consumer brands.

PARTNER AGENCY: memBrain develops and executes entertainment, marketing, and media programs on behalf of leading global brands. They offer unparalleled access to talent, top brands, and business innovators, serving as a comprehensive resource for partnership marketing. Daxia is proud to be their exclusive digital marketing and social media partner.


We’re digital marketing strategists with extensive experience in marketing and software development. We’ve been in business since 2014, and our founders have worked in digital and social for decades. Give us a call and see how we can help your business grow!


PHONE: 323-992-0449

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